Children at School have enjoyed lunches from the Easy Lunch Company for over a year now. The food is tasty, varied and appeals to the children – this means that there are plenty of clean plates at the end of lunchtime! Parents find the ordering system easy to use and the menus change regularly to introduce seasonal foods.

Emma Treasure, who runs the Easy Lunch Company, is very approachable and efficient and the delivery staff are always cheerful and helpful.

The quality of the food is excellent and this is reflected in the numbers of children enjoying a hot meal at lunchtime. Some children choose to have a packed lunch and again the contents of their lunch bag changes regularly and appeals to the children.

Overall we are delighted with the service of the Easy Lunch Company and we are also pleased to be supporting a local company using local produce.

Thanks you so much for such a personal service for my daughter. I’m very impressed and I think she will be as well! That’s how to run a business well!